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Problems, stress, trouble sleeping, fatigue, bad moods, depression and finally illness. To prevent these things from happening we need physical strength. The only way to obtain it is through the things we consume. A healthy body is essential to e happy life and if we do not take care of it we cannot achieve happiness. I am a medical doctor in a private clinic, as such it is my obligation to take excellent care of my patience. Read the personal story of one of my patience who turned her life from desperate to hopeful and how she did it.

Anabell Anderson (43) :

I have a teenage son and i work part time. At home I'm the only one who care to create comfort and attempts to bring to order our household. May everyday is a constant struggle to juggle my job, my family and my home, which regularly leaves my exhausted and makes my feel as if drowning in chores. Needless to say (for anyone whose ever been in my situation) i had little to no personal time and had neglected my personal needs for a very long time. I wasn't getting enough sleep, i needed to tidy myself up and it had been who knows how long since i simply had a drink with friends. Everything about my outward appearance reflected m,y stressful lifestyle.But that wasn't my worse problem at the time.

What really scared me was the really high blood pressure, lousy immune system and constant colds. I desperately wanted to find a solution for my blood pressure problems. Every morning i felt like exhausted even if i've had a full 8-hour sleep. My stress levels kept going up and i felt i was sinking, desperately struggling for some peace of mind. I felt very depressed.

At just 42 years old i was feeling like an old lady. Health is one of those things you appreciate when you lose it.

My GP kept prescribing for all kinds of drugs and supplements. It cost my roughly 100 … a month for all sorts of pills and drops, full of sugar and great expectations, needless to say - nothing helped my. My grandmother was one of those women that firmly believed that by knowing your own body you could heal yourself using nutrition and natural remedies. (She lived to be 97).

The turning point for my came from an unexpected place in an unexpected moment (as with all good things) , when my brother-in-law came to visit us for the holidays. He lives in Germany with his wife. He is 65 years old and looks and acts like he's 30. Either life in Germany is extremely good to him or there was something else to his vitality. Every morning he got up before everyone else, made breakfast and went out jogging in the cold. One morning i noticed him taking a table spoon of something and asked what it was.

"This is the fountain of youth,Annabell. The immunostimulant that made a young man out of me again."

"I doubt it.." - i had gotten extremely skeptical at this point.

"I'm serious. It cured my insomnia, i don't wake up stressed in the middle of the night either, i don't have high blood pressure any more and i do not buy all the drugs i had to take before this. My doctor couldn't believe the test results after i had been drinking this syrup for a couple of months. I left his office without a prescription for the first time in 15 years. It's made of Sibirian Leuzea and Royal Jelly."

I asked a friend of mine who is a doctor about the ingredients. She told my that royal Jelly was a very successful all-natural antidepressant that can cure stress and also strengthen the immune system. Sibirian Leuzea is a very potent natural health supplement and very beneficial for major organs- brain, heart, liver,lungs,kidneys, it also busts energy and strength. Both are absolutely harmless to the human body and 100% natural.

I started taking it daily- 1 table spoon. My brother-in-law left me his bottle of the syrup and went back to Germany since it wasn't available to buy here.

After a week i started noticing changes and i had no doubt they were a result of the syrup. Gradually i stooped taking all other medication and supplements. I started waking up well rested full of energy. At the end of the first month my skin cleared thanks to the syrup's antibacterial effects and my joint pains disappeared. I stooped retaining water and that cured my high blood pressure with an all natural method.I had beaten it without medication!

By the second month my blood sugar levels became normal and I stopped snacking on sweets as much and dropped a few extra kilos without even noticing what was happening. My constant anxiety simply disappeared one night, i felt at ease for the first time in a very long while. I no longer need to take aspirins,pills, cough drops or anything else. After i finish work i don't feel tired - I attribute this change to
Elixir for Health®
, since I still do the same amount of work.

I strongly recommend you try it for yourself, you have nothing to lose. I used to get the syrup by mail every month from Germany ,but it's available here in Elixir for Health®. If you order online, the shipping is free and you get a discount. Here is the link Elixir for Health® It's developed in the Institute for Immunology in Berlin and it's manufactured in Germany. It's preventative, antibacterial,anti-virus, all natural, health supplement that is extremely effective for blood pressure problems. It does not contain synthetic indigence. It works. "

You can learn more about the medical properties of Royal Jelly and Leuzea

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Did you know:
Russian soldier rely on Sibirian Leuzea for their victories. It is well documented that tea made from this plant was the source of the Russian army's strength and endurance during World War II. Winters in Russia are brutal with temperatures dropping regularly - 40 degrees C and the soldiers were often very scantily clad because of lack of resources. In spite of this fact the Russians terrified the Germans with their determination and strength on the battlefield. All thanks to Sibirian Leuzea.

*Individual results may vary.

This article was published by
d-r Terresa Giblett, medical doctor at "Healthy Heart" private medical center.



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